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Policy Documents
Clinical Trials
Dimensions covers millions of research publications connected by more than 1.5 billion citations, supporting grants, datasets, clinical trials, patents and policy documents.
124m publications from 87k journals, 49 preprint servers and over 1m books

Document Links

1.5 billion citations
18m supporting grants
2.2m links to datasets
1.7m links to clinical trials
10m links to patents
2.2m links to policy documents

Links to Organizations & Researchers

97m links to organizations
281m links to researchers
26m links to funders
Dimensions is the most comprehensive research grants database which links grants to millions of resulting publications, clinical trials and patents.
6m grants worth more than 2.1 trillion USD from 627 funders worldwide

Document Links

8.9m resulting publications
15k resulting clinical trials
60k resulting patents

Links to Organizations & Researchers

7m links to organisations
9m links to researchers
6m links to funders
Dimensions includes datasets from repositories such as Figshare, Dryad, Zenodo, Pangaea, and many more.
11m datasets from over 1035 repositories worldwide

Document Links

2.2m associated publications

Links to Organizations & Researchers

6m links to organisations
16m links to researchers
2.1m links to funders
Dimensions provides up-to-the minute online attention data via Altmetric, showing you how often publications and clinical trials are discussed around the world.
193m Altmetric mentions with N/A links to publications
Policy documents with more than 2.2m links to publications show the societal impact of scholarly work.
743k policy documents
Clinical trials are experiments or observations done in clinical research – Dimensions surfaces links to publications, resulting online mentions, and supporting grants.
682k clinical trials from 12 sources

Document Links

448k links to publications
27k links to grants

Links to Organizations & Researchers

1.9m links to organisations
537k links to researchers
272k links to funders
Dimensions hosts millions of patents with links to other citing patents as well as to publications and supporting grants.
142m patents from 130 countries

Document Links

10m links to publications
663k links to grants

Links to Organizations & Researchers

13m links to researchers
319k links to funders
48m links to assignees

Dimensions tools and services


Dimensions (free version)

All publications and datasets together with rich contextual information – freely available for personal, non-commercial use.
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Dimensions Analytics

All Dimensions data for discovery use cases and complex data analysis to meet the needs of academic institutions, government organizations, research funders, publishers, and R&D departments.
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Dimensions Life Sciences & Chemistry

Dimensions’ enriched data with semantic search and ontology-based indexing for knowledge discovery and applications across life sciences and chemistry.
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Custom implementations

We realise custom implementations tailored to your specific needs - custom applications, secure integration of your private data, and integrations with your local systems.
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Dimensions on Google BigQuery

Get access to all the underlying data: Google’s BigQuery scalable multi-cloud data warehouse environment for professional-level data analytics and large scale analysis.
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Analytics API

Access Dimensions the way that works for you. We offer several APIs designed with your organizations’ needs in mind: From data analysis to data for CRIS systems.
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Metrics API & Badges

Enrich publications with metrics and colourful Dimensions Badges to communicate your publications citation impact. Metrics API and Dimensions Badges are free to use for non-commercial purposes.
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Bulk Data Delivery

If use cases require the local processing of the entire or parts of the Dimensions data, the bulk data delivery service is available for institutional clients.

Reviewer Identification

Use Dimensions’ term extraction and matching technology to identify the best reviewer candidates for grant applications or author manuscripts. Support for the whole reviewer workflow: managing applications, build committees, contact reviewers.
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Dashboards and reports

Based in the flexible Dimensions data and software architecture, topic or organisation specific dashboards and automated reports can be implemented by the user or our team.
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Research impact assessment

Our in-depth knowledge of the historical and current research ecosystem gives us the perspective to get the most value from data on the research lifecycle
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Data analysis/data science services

Our data science team knows the Dimensions data inside out and can carry out complex analysis on our clients behalf quickly and efficiently.
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Who we serve

Publications, citations, datasets and the context around those publications are all key pieces of information when it comes to understanding research activities and results. Dimensions provides researchers with free access to these essential data. And if your academic institution has signed up to Dimensions Analytics, you’ll have access to additional data and tools.
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As a research organization, success relies on bringing in funding and top researchers, and ensuring those researchers have access to the best tools. Dimensions can help you ensure your organization is well-positioned, nationally or internationally, to attract much-needed resources, and provide researchers with the tools, data, and resources they need to succeed.
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Dimensions provides publishers with the insights they need to shape, track, and deliver on their core strategic goals. Our extensive grants database makes it easy to monitor the development of research fields; essential when deciding on the scope of new journals – or checking whether updates are required for existing titles. Identifying and evaluating potential editorial board members or reviewers is also fast and simple with our reviewer finder tool.
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For years, leading funders have been using the robust Dimensions grant database to transform their workflows, from evaluating applications and designing funding strategies and programs, to positioning those programs in the international research funding landscape. Dimensions is now home to a vast array of connected publications, which provides additional opportunities; not only for funders, but for national research policy initiatives or assessment exercises.
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Research innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum; it requires extensive access to data and a networked view of the information landscape to monitor, evaluate, and inform the decisions your business makes every day. Dimensions delivers a robust, cleansed, and connected data set that can set your research programs apart.
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COVID-19 resources

We are making all COVID-19 relevant records from Dimensions available - as a dataset on BigQuery to work with and as an interactive dashboard showing COVID-19 related funding, publications and clinical trials.

Free access for scientometric research

At Digital Science, we focus on aggregating, improving, de-siloing and linking the Dimensions data as effectively as possible. However, from the early days of Dimensions, it has always been our position that the metrics and indicators used to assess the impact of research and future funding, should be owned by the research community, not a vendor. That is why we actively encourage the bibliometric research community to draw on our rich data set and platform. Our hope is that these resources will fuel innovative methods to assess the impact and management of research in research organizations.

“With Dimensions, I don’t waste my time clicking through and switching between databases to find the answers to my questions”

“Dimensions is becoming a popular resource across campus and earns high marks for its ease-of-use”

“PLOS relies on Dimensions for baseline data about institutions and their funding sources for agreement discussions but also for internal business analytics”

“Dimensions Analytics has a wider coverage than other databases in the space”

“Dimensions has improved the ability of the National Physical Laboratory to do research evaluation and analysis by a factor of 10”


Dimensions is used by organizations around the world, including…

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